Our company was founded in 2008 by coffee loving entrepreneurs. Our aim is to offer our clients solely the finest coffee of high quality, because we know that the only way of having a firm stand in the market can be accomplished by offering the best products. Therefore we have devoted ourselves to offer you only coffee products of the finest quality, which has been controlled, checked and inspected thoroughly in each and every tiny detail about them.


As the Ipanema family, we strive to collaborate only with the best brands of the world, to continuously upgrade the taste of our products, to provide the best coffee experience to our clients and to make the best coffees of the world accessible to them.


Our mission is to work only with the world’s best coffees, coffee machines and baristas to make sure that we offer you the best and sustainable service possible, to always make inspections and controls 7/24 in order to sustain our high quality level and to make use only of high-tech equipments and work with “passion” to always offer you the best taste of coffee.


Our primary principle is to show respect to our fellowmen, the environment and our work, because we are aware of the fact that true success is based on mutual respect and work ethics. For us, developing our personal skills to the highest levels is a duty towards both our work and our country. We internalize quality as a life-style. We level at the best in all of our works, products and services. Our purpose is to reflect this aim at our customers in the best way. Competition with principles is our guideline. We believe that continuous progress and increasing quality standards can only be achieved by this type of competition.


The Ipanema farm, which is located in the heart of a Brazilian state called Minas Gerias, has mastered the art of coffee in its all phases from growing coffee in the fields to serving coffee in mugs.

The farm is using all its efforts to produce the best coffee using both traditional and modern techniques and thus distinguishes itself from other companies in this respect.

Ipanema’s quality conscience can be observed from its Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certificates related to the preservation of the natural habitat of the farm and its sense of responsibility. This is also what makes Ipanema a leading company renowned world-wide.

The award-winning IPANEMA ESPRESSO brand is prepared with 100% Arabica coffee beans which are grown in specially designed fields. The sweet and delicate taste of the Ipanema coffee is achieved through a light roasting process. Thanks to their mild texture, Ipanema coffee beans are a perfect selection for both espresso and milk coffee types. Also, knowing that all the phases from growing coffee berries to serving them in mugs are accomplished under thorough surveillance, Ipanema consumers are always sure that they are consuming original products.